Mobile Device Management

Do you want to distribute your own apps and recommend Appstore apps to our employees? Do you want to equip your entire sales team and management force with iPads? But does your IT have security concerns?

We have the appropriate, proven solution for "Mobile Device Management": with exchange connection, in-house application and Appstore app distribution, security certificates, user and device profiling, device configuration, CRM connection and much more.

…Release the Sales Force! 


Showing the best of you!
The must-have tablet app for your Sales!
Come with us on tour and see for yourself how your Sales Team profitability increases. The Sales-Boost is guaranteed. Go mobile, Go sexy Go4show!

Go4show: present, fascinate, sell
Go4show combined app and Sales Platform: To manage, analyze and update easily your sales content. All you need is a Tablet - Go4show runs on all mobile devices and operating systems, even offline.

Success makes sexy…
Go4show is the instrument for all innovative companies who want to sell more successfully. Go mobile, Go sexy, Go4show!

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IOS / Android

As creator of the iPhones App Portal we have already tested and rated more than 500 business and lifestyle apps. We are happy to share our expert know-how in app conception, user experience, app design, development, safety aspects, infrastructure and strategy.

Block Buster Game

Block Buster has been available for download in the Apple Appstore since 2010 and continues to receive high ratings (4-5 stars). With an average 1,000 downloads per month, the game remains popular and the Level Editor in particular, is praised highly by users.

"Block Buster Game is an adventure for quick thinkers: journey back to a time of the ancient Egyptians and help us to uncover the correct stones for the Pyramids. Attempt to prevent the rocks from sliding or falling off."

Technologies: Objective-C, Cocos 2D, XCode 

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DEHOGA Touri App Ostfriesland

The Touri App Ostfriesland was developed for the German Hotel and restaurant network (DEHOGA) in close cooperation with KSK-Agentur. Available for both iOS and Android, the app shows important holiday information for tourists to East Frisia.

"THE app for your Ostfriesland vacation! The app offers a wide-ranging menu (including offline functionality) for the entire region of Ostfriesland, including hiking, bike, water and gourmet trails."

Technologies: iOS, Android, Location Based Services, Route-Me, Map Framework, Google Maps AIP, REST, JSON.

Sparks of Life

Sparks of Life is a coaching app for personal development and life balance. It features an elegant graphic design and a clear and user-friendly concept. The simple design allows an intuitive operation.

"The popular firework cards now available as an app: a playful exercise that helps you draw awareness of your body and feel the intensity of life – a spark that ignites your inner fire".

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E-Commerce App

This iPad app is the optimal tool for attracting customers. Even during presentation, customer data is received and verified, thanks to an automatic address validation. As a result, the customer management system eliminates the time-consuming and costly maintenance expenses for the specific data.

Technologies: Xcode, iPhone, SDK, iPhone Simulator, UIKit, Foundation, Quartz 2D, Core Animation

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